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Dr. Dinh Le

Dr. Dinh Le | Stockton Spine Center Stockton

Dear Pain Sufferers:

I have been in practice since 2001, and shortly after starting my private practice, I saw many people suffering from endless moderate to severe neck and back pain as well as poor health & wellness due to disc herniations and spinal arthritis.

These people were shuffled from health care practitioner to health care practitioner, desperately trying to find a solution to their pain and sadly, were often unable to find the relief that they were seeking.

They were reluctantly forced to take highly additive narcotic pain medication just to ease their pain (even if it was for a brief period of time). Then, as the medication no longer helped, they had no other option but to undergo surgery. Making things worse, you want to exercise or stay fit but cannot due to pain and you start to gain weight, then life gets worse...

However, because spinal surgery has such a high failure rate, patients were left with permanent unrelenting pain and neurological damge.

I made it my passion to find a solution for chronic back & neck pain sufferers.

I realized that there was a real disconnect in our health care system in the treatment of disc herniations and spinal arthritis.

So, I made it my passion to find an answer for these sufferers. To find an effective solution for these patients.

That's when I developed my non-surgical treatment protocol for chronic severe neck and back pain patients.

Since then, I am proud to boast an exceedingly high success rate and have been able to provide help to those that have tried and failed with other forms of therapy.

I have successfully treated those who have been in pain for years and have prevented countless patients from undergoing spinal surgery.

Furthermore, due to our success rate and strict Patient Qualification Process, The Stockton Spine Center has become the leading authority in the non-surgical treatment of disc herniations and spinal arthritis.

So if you're suffering from moderate to severe neck or back pain, I encourage you to call our office to book your Patient Qualification Examination to find out if I can help you.

It's time to live again without the pain.

I look forward to seeing you at our clinic and providing you with care that you've been looking for.


Dr. Dinh Le, D.C.