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Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression can offer a healing relief from back pain. If your back pain is due to sciatica, herniated disc, bulging disc, slipped disc, pinched nerve, arthritis, lumbar disorders, or chronic back pain; the answer is yes. You are probably an ideal candidate for spinal decompression. If you are suffering from pains due to causes discussed above and prefer to find a non-surgical solution to relief and heal your back pain, spinal decompression is the best solution. Spinal decompression has healed and changed lives of many patients who had given up finding a no risk and effective treatment.

What is the theory behind decompression? How does it work?

An experimental study has shown that in non-degenerated, but bulging discs (something your MRI or CT scan would show), decompression can lower the pressure inside the disc. This negative pressure may then draw or suck the displaced disc material more towards the center of the disc and away from your nerves. For many patients this can mean pain relief because a compressed nerve is a painful nerve. If the pressure on the nerve is released, it can begin to heal. Spinal Decompression is designed to assist the body’s natural tendency to heal itself because Mother Nature sometimes needs a little help. If the disc can be moved even a small amount away from the nerve, this can be enough to decrease inflammation and irritation.

Please Check Out Some of the Things Our Clients Say About Us



“I had leg and back pain. I would wake up crying because it hurt so badly. I had so many x-rays and MRI’s that showed nothing, only that I would have arthritis – I also had a bone scan and head scan – nothing. I saw Dr. Le’s machine (DRX 9000), on the Penny Saver and I decided to try it. It worked wonders. I can stand up straight, walk without a limp and most of all, the pain is gone. I can do most anything within reason. Thank you Dr. Le, God Bless you. Prayer helps; I thank God, no back surgery.”

Aurelia Turbetti, Stockton, CA


“I have lived with chronic low back pain for many years. Then, as a result of my recent auto accident, my back pain had gotten worse. My friend told me about Dr. Le. Fortunately, I became his patient! With Dr. Le, professional chiropractic care and his friendly staff, after a few weeks of treatments, my back/neck pain and muscle spasm from the auto accident were literally gone. My chronic low back pain, which was aggravated by the accident, was also getting better; however, the pain was severe enough to prevent me from sitting even for a short time throughout the day. An exam from an X-ray and MRI revealed I had a bulging disc. Dr. Le introduced me to his DRX9000 spinal decompression machine. Without hesitation (thinking I’ve got nothing to lose) I signed up to be one of his first patients. After treatments on the DRX9000, I feel better, my back/muscle are more flexible. I am now more mobile than ever before. I can live almost pain-free again! Would I recommend Dr. Le and his new DRX9000 machine to back pain sufferers out there? Absolutely!! Thank You Dr. Le!”

Christopher Ky, Stockton, CA