Spinal Arthritis

Spinal Arthritis is a degenerative wear and tear disease that affects both the vertebrae (i.e. spinal bones) and the intervertebral discs (i.e. cushions/shock absorbers) that lie between them.Spinal Arthritis Stockton, CA 95210

This type of arthritis is what's considered "insidious" because it slowly develops in your spine without any real symptoms and its often initially asymptomatic (i.e. painless).

In fact, you can develop moderate to advanced degenerative changes with your spine before you can even experience any symptoms at all.

Often times at our clinic, patients claim that they never really experience any back pain at all but then one day they picked something small off the ground and in an instant, they felt an intense debilitating pain hat shot down their legs and rendered them bed ridden.

Upon entering our clinic, we discover that they have advanced degenerative changes withing their spine where their discs have decayed to a fraction of its normal height and the vertebrae have developed large osteophytes (i.e. spurs) that now significantly compress the sciatic nerve and cause intense burning and tingling down the legs.

Why Are Our Treatments So Effective?

One of the reasons why our treatments are so effective and delivers such fast results, is because of the precision of the treatments.

That is to say, our technology will gently distract that adjacent vertebrae around your problematic disc. As it does this, it will create a negative pressure (i.e. a vacuum-like effect) within the disc.

This vacuum-like effect then suck water and nutrients back into your disc. As water and nutrients start to fill your disc, your disc will start to "pump" up and increase in height.

As your disc grow in height, your joints begin to separate (thereby removing your back pain) and the spurs that have grown off of your vertebrae will start to move away from your nerve to remove that numbness & tingling and burning down your arms/legs.

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